India has the second largest road network with a total route length of 4.23 million km. Around 85% per passenger traffic and 65% of freight traffic is carried by roads. Since last 5 years, the number of vehicles on Indian roads increased 10% annually, resulting in greater demand for better quality roads and fast execution. Although National Highways (NH) account for around 2% of the road network, they carry 40% of total road traffic, however about 30% of NH network is still single laned and 53% are double laned.

The government plans to construct 35000 km of highways by 2014 under the National Highway Development Programmes (NHDP), with an investment of USD 60 Billion. It has also taken several initiatives utilizing Public Private Partnership (PPP) route to bridge the infrastructure deficit of the country. On the strength of vast experience in executing the longest and roughest roads of the country and its expertise of managing financial and technical resources, Montecarlo has successfully acquired many road projects in EPC and BOT model individually and together with reputed companies as joint venture partner.

The road is long and our responsibility towards development is huge. The company has already established its presence in this segment at pan India level and proved itself by exploring various awful stretches in the state of Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. The State-of-the-art site establishment and equipment management system with strong execution capability makes Montecarlo a preferred partner for bidding and execution. This division has successfully completed many prestigious projects of State and Central Government Authority under EPC and BOT model, which are funded and recognized by World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Hudco and other private and public entities.

Under this segment, presently the company is offering its expertise into Highways, Expressways, High Capacity Transport Corridors, Bridges and Culverts, Flyovers, Operation & Maintenance and Highway Safety System.

List of Major Completed Projects

Sr. No. Name of Project Project length (if applicable) Name of Client
1. Widening & Re-construction of Damoh - Hata - Gaisabad - Semariya Road (Package No. 9)
- M.P.Road Development Corporation Ltd
2. Constructing 3.50 mt. Wide WBM Road on IP Side & 5.75 mt. Wide SDBM Road on SR Side with CC Parapet wall on Narmada Main Canal ch. 293.501 km to 333.589 km. (Package – 9)
40.088 Narmada Project
3. Constructing 3.50 mt. Wide WBM Road on IP Side & 5.75 mt. Wide SDBM Road on SR Side with CC Parapet wall on Narmada Main Canal ch. 333.589 km to 375.881 km. (Package – 10)
42.292 Narmada Project
4. Improvement works of Patratu Dam - Ramgarh Road (Ch. Km. 0.00 to km 27.118) Package ID : RPR-II.
27.118 Jarkhand Road Projects Implentation Company Limited
5. Setting-out Permanent Infrastructure for Tent City (Rann Utsav 2013-14)
Dhordo, Tal. Bhuj, Dist. Kachchh (Construction of New C.C. Road & Strengthening of Existing Asphalt Road)
- Roads & Building Department, Gandhinagar
6. Widening & Reconstruction of Agar-Barod-Alot-Jawra Road (Package No. 5.)
- M.P.Road Development Corporation Ltd
7. Improvement works of (4/2 laning Ranchi-Patratu Dam Road (Ch. Km. 0.00 to km 35.270),SH-20 in the state of Jharkhand, Package ID : RPR-I. - Road with Major and Minor Bridges and CD Works. 35.27 Jarkhand Road Projects Implentation Company Limited
8. Rehabilitation & Upgradation of Package - 14
Lakhnadon-Mandla - Dindori (SH-11 & 40) Road Project
190.5 M.P.Road Development Corporation Ltd
9. Rehabilitation & Upgradation of Package - 12, Balaghat-Nainpur (SH-11) - Road with Major and Minor Bridges and CD Works. 80.6 M.P.Road Development Corporation Ltd
10. Un-gradation, Rehabilitation & Strengthening of Chhindwara-Amarwara-Narsinghpur (SH-47) Road Project. - Road with Major and Minor Bridges and CD Works. 102.91 M.P.Road Development Corporation Ltd
11. Earthwork in NPA area within GIFT SEZ - GIFT SEZ LTD
12. Preparation of subgrade on Tapas Udayan and part of Sharm Marg in DTA on item rate basis - GIFT CITY Co. Ltd.
13. Rehabilitation & Strengthening of Package - 7, Jabalpur-Amarkantak (Sh-22) - Road with Major and Minor Bridges and CD Works. - M.P.Road Development Corporation Ltd