Water & Irrigation

Montecarlo has formed a special portfolio to cater this need of Irrigation and Water Supply and it’s highly expertise team of this segment is capable enough to carry out any project under this sector at any location across the world.

India, which has 16% of the World’s population, has only 4% of the world’s fresh water resources. As per the ministry of Irrigation, there is a huge gap between Ultimate Irrigation Potentials (UIP) and Irrigation Potential Created (IPC) in India, especially in the state of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa by having 21 Mn hectares of land are still away from Irrigation Plans.

India is basically an agriculture oriented country and so as the roots of Montecarlo is also deeply grounded with this segment only. According to report of National Center for Agricultural and Policy Research, India needs to increase its food grains production by atleast 50% in next two decades and India Water Vision 2025 has estimated that gross water demand in the next two decades require an Investment of Rs. 20,000 Crore per year.

Today The Sardar Sarovar Project over Narmada River is one of the largest water resources projects of India covering four major states - Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Dam's spillway discharging capacity (30.7 lakhs cusecs) would be third highest in the world. With 40000 cusecs capacity at the head regulator and 532 km. length, the Narmada Main Canal would be the largest irrigation canal in the world.

Since inception, Montecarlo has successfully completed and presently executing number of Main and Branch Canal Projects under this segment from Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited (SSNNL), Gujarat and Narmada Valley Development Authority (NVDA), Madhya Pradesh. Currently the company is providing its expertise under this segment in area of Canals, Dams, Lift Irrigation, Gravity Irrigation, Aqueducts, Super passages falls, Building Culverts and Bridges at Cross Sections, etc.

List of Major Completed Projects

Sr. No. Name of Project Project length (if applicable) Name of Client
1. Construction of Kachchh Branch Canal Ch.354.542 to 357.185 km for Earthwork, C.C.lining, Structures, Service Road, Gate Work, Control Cabins and O&M for five years-Package IR-22
- Kachch Branch Canal
2. Execution of the Nagod (Satna) Branch Canal from RD 0.00 to RD 33.175 km & complete distribution system
33.175 Narmada Development Division
3. Execution of the Satna (Rewa) Main Canal from RD 154.050 to RD 196.650 km.
42.6 Narmada Development Division
4. Constructing Canal Earthwork, Lining, Structures and Service Road On Kachchh Branch Canal ch. 112.500 to 122.219 km. (Package K-I). - Canal 9.719 Kachchh Branch Canal
5. Constructing Canal Earthwork, Lining, Structures & Service Road to Radhanpur Branch Canal ch. 11.515 to 24.475 km. (Slice - II) - Canal s 12.96 Kachchh Branch Canal
6. Constructing Kaladara Distributory and it's Minors of Block No. 6G4 (II). - Canal - Narmada Project Canal
7. Constructing Trankal Distributory (ch. 0.00 to 10.865 km), Mosam Distry. & Ochchhan Distry. and it's Minors of Block No. 6G5 (I). - Canal 10.865 JarkhandNarmada Project Canal P & D Division
8. Construction of Earthwork, C.C. Lining & Structures of Bhagdwan Branch Canal km. 0.00 to 16.60 & its Distry. System. - Canal 16.6 Sagar Canal Dn
9. Construction of Earthwork, C.C. Lining and Structures of Andia, Kandeli & Surgi Distry. And it's complete Distribution System. - Canal - Sagar Canal Dn
10. Constructing Canal Earthwork, Structures, Service Road and C.C. Lining on Botad Branch Canal ch. 0.00 to 16.06 km. - Canal. 16.06 Saurashtra Branch Canal
11. Constructing Trankal Distributory (Ch. 10.865 to 20.20km), Limdi Distry. And Paldi Distry. Of Block No. 6G5 (II) - Canal 9.335 Narmada Project Canal
12. Constructing Kachch Branch Canal Reach Ch.271.224 to 276.857 Km(Earthwork, C.C.Lining, Structures, Service Road, Gate Work, Control Cabin and O&M work For 5 Years (Package IR- 9) - Kachchh Branch Canal